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Bio-React™ is a patented product that delivers live microorganisms to restaurant drains and grease traps in order to consume fat, oil and grease. 


Bio-React™ is comprised of 

nanobioreactors that allow microbes to be delivered directly to their food source.  The delivery system is truly unique and it provides unprecedented results and superior value to customers.  

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Bio-React can save you money as you battle fat, oil and grease in the kitchen

To order Bio-React™ and help support a cleaner kitchen environment while saving money, contact DryLet at (972) 521-3470.
  • Adheres to fats, oil and grease in water
  • Delivers nanobioreactors that deliver billions of microbes directly to the fats, oils and grease food source
  • Delivers up to 100 times higher microbial counts over competitor products
  • Reduces insects, odor, and the need for jetting and plumbing clean out 


What are the benefits?